Grub Street

I’m finally using my credit with Grub Street Writers on Saturday with the In A World – creating rich settings in memoir workshop.

Author Alysia Abbott is the tutor.

I finished Alysia’s memoir earlier this month and aside from having the best cover picture EVER, it’s a spellbinding read.

Detailing the bond between Alysia and her gay father the memoir vividly conjures San Francisco in the 70s and 80s.

Strangely, one of the Amazon reviews I read spoke about setting and the reviewer’s opinion that the book detailed too much about San Francisco for someone who’s never been there.

As someone who’s never been to San Francisco my view is that the city acts as a fourth main character along with Alysia, her Dad and mother.

I wonder if that on reading 2001 – a space odyssey the same reviewer thought it’s description of outer space superfluous.